Dunkerton Co-op Agronomy Department

The Agronomy Department at Dunkerton Co-op offers a variety of quality products and services. Stop by and ask about our products, facilities, and services, or call one our agronomists to get more details on what opportunities we can provide for you.
Application Services:
Fertilizer and Lime Application
  • Broadcast Application
  • VRT Application
  • Foliar Feed (liquid fertilizer applied directly to plants)
  • 360 YieldCenter Y-Drop™ (liquid nitrogen applied to base of corn plants)

Pesticide Application
Broadcast applications of:
  • Pre-emergence herbicides
  • Post-emergence herbicides
  • Fungicides (High clearance machine or aerial application)
  • Insecticides
Cover Crop Application
  • Aerial
  • High clearance machine
  • Post harvest
Sampling Services:
Plant Tissue Sampling
  • Find current plant nutrient levels
Soil Sampling
  • Composite
  • 2.5 acre grid
  • 10 acre grid
Soil Nitrate Sampling
  • Immediate, in field soil nitrate level results found with 360 YieldCenter SOILSCAN™
Stalk Nitrate Sampling
  • Corn plant nitrate levels at R6 (crop maturity)

Scouting Services
Curious about what's going on in your field? Or do you have some concerns about something you're seeing in your field that could potentially affect your yields? Give us a call and one of our agronomists will come assess and evaluate how your crops look. Agronomists can then make recommendations based off of their findings.

Cartography Services
Dunkerton Co-op utilizes SMS technology to create GIS based maps. These maps can include field boundaries, soil nutrient levels, yield data, and much more.


Dunkerton Co-op in cooperation with the Cooperative Finance Association is offering a 2021 Production Ag Financing Program for Fert/Chem and Seed purchased from Dunkerton Co-op

Mid Season Program by 03/15/2021:  SEED/CHEMICALS 2.25% Variable Interest Rate through 08/31/2021, then 4.25% Variable Interest Rate until 02/15/2022.  Fertilizer 4.25% Variable Interest Rate through 02/15/2021.

For any fertilizer, chemical, Beck's Seed, or soil sampling needs that you may have, contact our agronomy department: 

John Swehla, CCA, Agronomy Dept. Manager: (319) 415-7504
Jim Lawler, CCA, Sales Agronomist: (319) 327-2523
Bo Pagel, Sales Agronomist: (319) 240-4524
Adam Thimmesch, Agronomy Operations: 319-240-3026


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