01/13/21: Our truck wash bay is currently closed. A circuit board went out on the door opener and we have to replace the complete opener.  The Door opener is ordered and hopefully will be installed the 1st week of February. 
Thank you and sorry for any inconvience. 

Dunkerton Co-op is excited to announce a storage and grain receiving expansion project.  Click here for more details.

Are you interested in investing in Condo Storage?  Please give Wil or Alex a call.  We are looking at offering condo storage in the new bin that we will be building.  
Welcome To Dunkerton Cooperative Elevator
Your Locally Owned and Controlled
Grain, Agronomy and Feed Cooperative with
A Tradition of Quality for over 75 Years
319-822-4291 or 1-800-627-3528
  Main Office
7:30am to 4:30pm
Monday through Friday
Grain & Agronomy Extended Hours during Season
Free Price Later is now open for Corn and Soybeans

24 hour confidential assistance
financial concerns 
legal education
stress counseling

Dunkerton Co-op prides itself on being a single entity location.  Servicing our customers that depend on us is contigent on the well being, health and safety of our employees and is of the highest priority.  

If you have been sick, are not feeling well or have been around individuals that have been sick, please do not come into the office.  If you need something, please call us. We can sit bagged feed etc out on our dock.  We have a drop box outside of the office and will gladly handle anything over the phone or via email. 

We are continuing to do business as normal with feed deliveries, receiving grain and ingredients and receving and loading out fertilzier.  

Thank you for your business and understanding in this unprecedented time.

Wil Manweiler
General Manager

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Grain Settlement Direct Deposit

Dunkerton Cooperative is now offering you the ability to have your grain settlements direct deposited into your bank account and/or the ability to pay your account balance on line.

More details available
Direct Deposit/Withdrawal Form


Dunkerton Co-op in cooperation with the Cooperative Finance Association is offering a 2021 Production Ag Financing Program for Fert/Chem and Seed purchased from Dunkerton Co-op

Mid Season Program by 03/15/2021:  SEED/CHEMICALS 2.25% Variable Interest Rate through 08/31/2021, then 4.25% Variable Interest Rate until 02/15/2022.  Fertilizer 4.25% Variable Interest Rate through 02/15/2021.

For any fertilizer, chemical, Beck's Seed, or soil sampling needs that you may have, contact our agronomy department: 

John Swehla, CCA, Agronomy Dept. Manager: (319) 415-7504
Jim Lawler, CCA, Sales Agronomist: (319) 327-2523
Bo Pagel, Sales Agronomist: (319) 240-4524
Adam Thimmesch Agronomy Operations: 319-240-3026


Dunkerton Co-op is proud to offer
Beck's Hybrids is the largest family owned seed company in the United States. Beck's has access to the largest genetic pool in the world and also offers the most advanced technologies to help you get the genetics and protective traits you need to reach higher yields. For more information on Beck's Hybrids, give us a call.
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