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Thank you for your business this Fall and your cooperation in using the Hill location to help serve you during the busy time of the year. 

Interested in starting to sell New Crop 2017 corn and beans at $3.80 and $10.00 respectively?  Or how about July corn at 3.64 and July beans at 10.35?
Give Alex a call and ask about our Accumulator Contracts.

Click here for an Accumulator Example

Looking for an alternative to Price Later or Storage, ask about Basis Contracts or Extended Price Contracts.

Dunkerton Co-op is excited to announce the addition of AFD (Automated Fuel Delivery) to our list of services that we offer. 

The Automated Fuel Delivery System will help you by improving your cash flow and freeing up your time and resources for other business endeavors.  With AFD, your fuel tanks are monitored and automatically refilled so you always have a reliable supply of high quality fuel without having to check tanks and worry about orders.  You are billed on a monthly basis only for the fuel that you actually use each month.  The price you are billed is based on the monthly average of fuel delivered to your farm direct from the lowest cost terminal. You will gain peace of mind that comes from knowing that you do not have to worry about delays because you run short of fuel.  It will also help you in fuel buying because you will not have to worry about buying or contracting fuel at the correct time or price as you will receive the average price for the month but yet you will still have the option of locking in a favorable price if you so choose.

 If you would like more information regarding Automated Fuel Delivery, please call the office at (319)822-4291 


Dunkerton Co-op Announcements

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In October we mailed out DPAD letters"passing back" nearly $600,000 in tax deductions to our Member/Owners who did grain business with us in 2015.   

USDA Supply/Demand Report


Grain Settlement Direct Deposit

Dunkerton Cooperative is now offering you the ability to have your grain settlements direct deposited into your bank account and/or the ability to pay your account balance on line.

More details available
Direct Deposit/Withdrawal Form

Month Open High Low Last Close Change Time More
Dec 16 332'6 335'6 332'6 335'6 331'6 4'0 11:44A Chart for @C6Z Options for @C6Z
Mar 17 344'0 346'0 343'0 345'4 342'4 3'0 11:44A Chart for @C7H Options for @C7H
May 17 351'2 353'2 350'2 352'4 350'0 2'4 11:44A Chart for @C7K Options for @C7K
Jul 17 358'4 361'2 358'2 360'0 357'6 2'2 11:44A Chart for @C7N Options for @C7N
Sep 17 366'2 368'6 365'6 367'6 365'4 2'2 11:44A Chart for @C7U Options for @C7U
Dec 17 376'0 378'0 375'2 376'4 375'0 1'4 11:44A Chart for @C7Z Options for @C7Z
Month Open High Low Last Close Change Time More
Jan 17 1033'0 1037'6 1026'4 1030'0 1029'6 0'2 11:44A Chart for @S7F Options for @S7F
Mar 17 1041'4 1047'0 1036'0 1039'6 1039'0 0'6 11:44A Chart for @S7H Options for @S7H
May 17 1048'0 1053'4 1043'4 1047'0 1045'4 1'4 11:44A Chart for @S7K Options for @S7K
Jul 17 1052'6 1058'4 1047'6 1052'2 1050'2 2'0 11:44A Chart for @S7N Options for @S7N
Aug 17 1047'6 1050'6 1046'2 1050'6 1046'4 4'2 11:44A Chart for @S7Q Options for @S7Q
Sep 17 1028'0 1033'4 1028'0 1032'6 1028'4 4'2 11:44A Chart for @S7U Options for @S7U
Month Open High Low Last Close Change Time More
Dec 16 3122 3160 3110 3120 3109 11 11:44A Chart for @SM6Z Options for @SM6Z
Jan 17 3136 3181 3122 3139 3127 12 11:44A Chart for @SM7F Options for @SM7F
Mar 17 3168 3210 3154 3168 3156 12 11:44A Chart for @SM7H Options for @SM7H
May 17 3189 3231 3177 3192 3177 15 11:44A Chart for @SM7K Options for @SM7K
Jul 17 3216 3254 3199 3214 3199 15 11:43A Chart for @SM7N Options for @SM7N
Aug 17 3208 3239 3201 3212 3191 21 11:43A Chart for @SM7Q Options for @SM7Q
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Click here for the the Iowa 4 inch Soil Temperature Maps


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Click Here to learn more about the Management of Flood-Submerged Grain in an article issued by Iowa State University Extension



To read the 2016 Fall Newsletter, click here!

The Agronomy Department has moved back to the main office.

Now Proudly offering:

We’re excited to partner with Beck’s for many reasons, one being that they are the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States.  Since 1937, built on faith, family and farming, Beck’s has been focused on the needs and profitability of farmers.  Beck’s has access to the most diverse genetic and trait offerings in the world. This allows us to provide you with a full portfolio of the most genetically diverse products and the trait protection you need – all from one company. This competitive advantage allows you to focus on solutions rather than spending time shopping with multiple seed companies.

Learn more at BecksHybrids.com


Check out the USDA's latest report on Iowa's current crop progress and conditions by clicking here!

For your Agronomy needs contact your representative:
Jake: 319-239-5602
Kevin: 319-240-3026 

Bo: 319-240-4524

Jim: 319-327-2523

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360YieldSaver can reduce header loss by 80% by closing the gaps in traditional deck plates and gathering chains. You can elimanate those gaps by adding intermeshing bristles to custom gathering chains to collect significantly more kernels.

Check it out here!


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