Wellness Day at Dunkerton Co-op
Please join us for Wellness Day at the Dunkerton Co-op!!
When: March 24th, 2017  6:30-8:30 a.m.

(Retired persons please come after 8 am)

Wellness Screening by Allen Hospital Staff
12 Hour Fast is Necessary
(Water & medications may be taken)

25 Point Blood Test Profile for Women
Includes Thyroid and Complete Blood Count
Cost: $30

26 Point Blood Test Profile for Men
Includes Prostate Screen, Thyroid Test and Complete Blood Count
Cost: $40

Blood Pressure Test: FREE by Allen Hospital Staff
A Copy of Your Lab Report Will Be Sent To Your Home

Sponsored By:
Dunkerton Coop, Etringer Electric, Farmers State Bank
Tama-Benton Coop and Tom Boeding Insurance



Welcome To Dunkerton Cooperative Elevator
Main Office and Scale Hours
7:30am to 4:30pm
Monday through Friday

Interested in starting to sell New Crop 2017 corn and beans at $3.80 and $10.00 respectively?  Or how about July corn at 3.64 and July beans at 10.35?
Give Alex a call and ask about our Accumulator Contracts.

Click here for an Accumulator Example

Looking for an alternative to Price Later or Storage, ask about Basis Contracts or Extended Price Contracts.

Dunkerton Co-op is excited to announce the addition of AFD (Automated Fuel Delivery) to our list of services that we offer. 

The Automated Fuel Delivery System will help you by improving your cash flow and freeing up your time and resources for other business endeavors.  With AFD, your fuel tanks are monitored and automatically refilled so you always have a reliable supply of high quality fuel without having to check tanks and worry about orders.  You are billed on a monthly basis only for the fuel that you actually use each month.  The price you are billed is based on the monthly average of fuel delivered to your farm direct from the lowest cost terminal. You will gain peace of mind that comes from knowing that you do not have to worry about delays because you run short of fuel.  It will also help you in fuel buying because you will not have to worry about buying or contracting fuel at the correct time or price as you will receive the average price for the month but yet you will still have the option of locking in a favorable price if you so choose.

 If you would like more information regarding Automated Fuel Delivery, please call the office at (319)822-4291 


Dunkerton Co-op Announcements

Make sure to check out the DTN Portal on the left side of the page.

In October we mailed out DPAD letters"passing back" nearly $600,000 in tax deductions to our Member/Owners who did grain business with us in 2015.   

USDA Supply/Demand Report


Grain Settlement Direct Deposit

Dunkerton Cooperative is now offering you the ability to have your grain settlements direct deposited into your bank account and/or the ability to pay your account balance on line.

More details available
Direct Deposit/Withdrawal Form

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Jul 17 1032'4 1035'6 1029'6 1035'0 1031'4 3'4 06:28A Chart for @S7N Options for @S7N
Aug 17 1030'2 1035'0 1029'2 1035'0 1031'2 3'6 06:28A Chart for @S7Q Options for @S7Q
Sep 17 1015'2 1019'2 1015'2 1018'6 1016'6 2'0 06:28A Chart for @S7U Options for @S7U
Nov 17 1004'6 1007'2 1002'2 1007'0 1004'4 2'4 06:28A Chart for @S7X Options for @S7X
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May 17 3356 3364 3344 3361 3352 9 06:28A Chart for @SM7K Options for @SM7K
Jul 17 3388 3396 3375 3390 3384 6 06:29A Chart for @SM7N Options for @SM7N
Aug 17 3372 3385 3372 3383 3375 8 06:27A Chart for @SM7Q Options for @SM7Q
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Oct 17 3317 3317 3311 3313 3310 3 06:29A Chart for @SM7V Options for @SM7V
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Don's miss our 2017 Grower Meeting!
Tuesday, March 7

Click here to view the 2017 agronomy catalog:

For your agronomy needs contact your representative:

Kevin: 319-240-3026 
Bo: 319-240-4524

Jim: 319-327-2523

Now offering

XtendiMax™ with VaporGrip™ Technology — a low-volatility dicamba formulation specially designed for the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System. VaporGrip™ Technology effectively reduces dicamba acid from forming in solution. If acid can't form, it can't volatilize.

For more information, click here:

Acuron® is a powerful herbicide that relentlessly controls difficult weeds including marestail, Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. Developed in response to weed resistance expansion and the resulting demand for residual herbicide products with multiple modes of action, Acuron provides the most consistent, season-long overlapping control, thanks to its combination of four active ingredients and three modes of action.

Corn and soybean growers can turn to Trivapro fungicide to help protect their crops from disease and the impacts of unpredictable weather. With 3 active ingredients, including Solatenol fungicide, Trivapro delivers long-lasting disease control and crop enhancement benefits to maximize yield potential.

Dunkerton Co-op has proudly partnered with Beck's Hybrids, the largest family owned seed company in the United States. Beck's has access to the largest genetic pool in the world, and also offers the most advanced technologies to help you get the genetics and protective traits you need to reach higher yields. For more information on Beck's Hybrids, contact your agronomist.

A new approach to nitrogen management

Adapt-N is software system that helps agronomists make nitrogen management decisions based on points, zones or grids in a field. Dunkerton Co-op will be utilizing this system to help make more profitable and environmentally friendly nitrogen application recommendations for our growers.

For more information, click here:

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