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Dunkerton Co-op on KCRG
Dunkerton Co-op was featured on the KCRG News on Tuesday evening.  Watch it here!

Additional news coverage of new grain bin



Dunkerton Co-op Announcements

Welcome to our new website.  Make sure to check out the DTN Portal on the left side of the page. The DTN portal will be replacing the DPP Online offers on April 15th and is the reason why we switched websites.  

We are now offering Free Storage  on  Newly delivered Corn and Beans
No Charge Price Later Contracts
Please call with any questions

Dunkerton Co-op will be accepting a limited amount of Syngenta Duracade product sometime  AFTER HARVEST as space allows for processing in our Feed Mill.  

It will have to be dry corn and unloaded in Dump 2 for Feed Processing and cannot be unloaded in any other of our grain receiving pits.      

We WILL NOT ACCEPT any Duracade DURING HARVEST and Duracade is not being accepted for delivery to any of the local ethanol plants or processing plants.

It is your responsibility according to your grower agreement with Syngenta to inform us before delivery that you want to deliver Duracade to us and to let us know at the time of delivery that it is Duracade.  


USDA Supply/Demand Report

Make no mistake, it is going to be a big one!

After a lot of research and some discussion that started back in February, the Board of Directors approved the building of  a new grain bin to the west of the first 2 bins built back in 2000 on the south side of the road (Dumps 3 and 4). This new Brock bin will be 156 foot wide, 66 foot tall to the eve and 110 foot tall to the fill height and will hold 1,295,000 bushel. This is the biggest bin that Brock currently sells.    


New Bin Live Video
In order to see the live video of the new bin being constructed, you will need to use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser (Internet Explorer or Chrome do not work with the camera) and log in with a user name and password. Once you are using Mozilla, just look up dunkertoncoop.com and click on the link below.  We are working on getting a general login and username for everyone to use that we should have tomorrow.  If you would like to view it before then, please email me.

Click here to view live video of new bin being constructed

Bin Video


Grain Settlement Direct Deposit

Dunkerton Cooperative is now offering you the ability to have your grain settlements direct deposited into your bank account and/or the ability to pay your account balance on line.

More details available
Direct Deposit/Withdrawal Form

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Agronomy Corner

It's time to start making plans for Fall Soil Testing. 
Contact your Agronomy Rep to make arrangements.

Introducing the 360 Soilscan

Listen to what your field is telling you.
360 SOILSCAN provides you with zone-specific soil nitrate analysis results right in your field in as little as 5 minutes, with accuracy that’s comparable to commercial lab results.


For your Agronomy needs, please call Jake at 319-239-5602, Jim at 319-327-2523, Kevin at 319-240-3026 or Amanda at 319-541-6263

Agronomy will be running longer hours and weekends during the busy spring season as the weather permits.


With the hustle and bustle of life on the farm, please take the time to consider the safety of yourself, your family and your employees.  Read more about:

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